What’s your value?

I’m not fond of the term Human Resources.

To me it implies that employees are there to be used up like oil,  coal or another natural resource of your liking.

And to be discarded if needs be.


But I do believe we all have a value. It is based on many factors of course. Education, experience, personality, contacts, rarity of skills etc.

These days, its incredibly easy (and cheap) to communicate worldwide. Add high unemployment rates to this and improving your “worth” to your employees, is ever more critical.


What do I mean by this ?

Most of us are familiar with the Verizon story of the man who outsourced his job to China.  After the giggles have died down, have a think about it.

Especially if you work in an English speaking country.

Its long been the default language for international business, so naturally, more and more non-native English speakers are entering “your” patch.


Ask yourself:

What’s stopping your employers from outsourcing  your job or terminating your employment ?

How can you provide even more value than you currently are ?

Do you WANT to become more valuable ? :-)


Learn everything you can (and more) about your job  / industry. Contribute. Ask questions, share your knowledge, argue. Be part of it, whether its “your thing” or not. If it isn’t your thing, it’s your job (for the moment), you may as well make it as enjoyable as you can.


This is not about working longer hours for less pay. This is about making a contribution other than what’s the accepted norm of  “I got to work. Sit down. Do my job. Go home”.  There’s an ever increasing body of people who are willing to do that for less. And they don’t live as far away as you think.


Don’t forget, this is to your benefit too ;-)


Do you have any tips for people ? I’d love to hear them.





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