Lego series 10 motorcycle mechanic, bump code.

The lego series 10 motorcycle mechanic is pretty much to stereotype :-)
Lego series 10 motorcycle mechanic

From the moustache, red bandana and tattoo, to the jeans, chains and patch, it’s all there.

Lego series 10 motorcycle mechanic

Accessories wise, there’s not much but I can think of a few scenarios

where I can re-use the wrench and bandana.
Lego series 10 motorcycle mechanic

It’s one of my least favourite mini figs, as I think it’s a bit boring.

Maybe he’ll grow on me

Anyway, the bump codes are below, so if he’s your missing piece, good luck!

Lego series 10 motorcycle mechanic

Alternatively if you don’t want to go through the hassle, here’s a link for the minifig on Amazon*

*I will  get a few cents from this to pay for the site’s hosting :-)

Any thoughts on this mini fig ?


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