Lego Series 10 dot codes.

The Lego series 10 minifigs are out and naturally I’ve bought a “few”.

I’ve been lucky enough to  only have a few duplicates and  I only need the bee and sad clown* to complete the set.


I’m obviously very keen to complete the set and luckily there’s another way to identify the minifigs than the age old feel method.

They’re called bump or dot codes and they’re unique indentations / raised bumps on the bottom of each packet.


While it’s always fun to open a packet in anticipation of what’s inside, you really don’t want that 3rd, 4th, 5th judge minifig, so to help you complete yours, I’ve take photos of the dot codes and corresponding minifigs.


Here’s a list of the current photos I’ve added tot he site:


Baseball guy

Trendsetter girl

Motorcycle mechanic

Bee girl



I’ll keep adding new ones on a regular basis, so check back to get the latest codes.


Do you have any dot codes to share ?

How close are you to completing the set ?


*BREAKING NEWS:  I now have a complete lego series 10 set :-D. Photos to follow.

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