Lego Series 10 dot codes. Baseball guy

The lego series 10 baseball guy is, well, a baseball guy :-)

He has a cap and his mitt and that’s pretty much it.


Together with the motorcycle mechanic, he’s probably one of the mifigs I like the least.

Series 10 Baseball guy Lego minifig

Series 10 Baseball guy Lego minifig

The baseball mitt is quite cool but other than that, he’s not super impressive, BUT the important part is the pic below of the bump codes :-)

Hopefully this helps to complete your Series 10 Baseball Lego minifig set!

Series 10 Baseball Lego minifig packet

Series 10 Baseball guy Lego minifig dot codes

What do you think of the baseball guy ?

Any ideas who the Stackers team are named after ?


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