Identifying lego mini figures the dot code way.

While duplicate mini figures are sometimes something you want, the initial goal in collection a lego series is first and fore mostly, to complete the set.

There are a few things you can do to accomplish this.

  • buy a full box
  • pick some random packets from the box

OR most typically, people use the “feel” method, to figure out what part they may be feeling and then matching it up to the know figures in that set.

One other method that I came across recently, is to look for specific dot code combinations at the back of the packet to identify the figure.

It looks like not all the batches have these indentations and  / dots on the packets. My first attempt ended in failure when none of the packets I examined had them.

Today, batch 337B2 HAD the dot codes, so I tried a little experiment.  I wanted another Lego Series 9 Chicken Suit Guy, so I picked the packet with the 2 dots at an angle on the left + 1 dot on the right.

I also wanted more LEGO Minifigures Series 9 Cyclops figures to make a pack / gang (?) of them and again, picked the packets with the 2 dots on the left and the 2 angled dots on the right

Lego chicken man

Lego chicken man

Lego cyclops man

Lego cyclops



The result?

Lego chicken man and cyclops

Lego chicken man and cyclops

So, as you can see, if the batch contains the dot codes, you’re pretty much guaranteed getting the right ones. Be aware that some of the dots are indentations rather than raised dots.

Interestingly, I was 80% sure I had  identified the cyclops from the feel method, but if you’re one figure away form a full set and your batch has the dot codes, why not use them!

Do you use the dot codes or prefer the lottery of picking a random packet ?




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