Changing face of Politics?

I was wrong………………


Today I have my very first meaningful “discussion” with a Politician. While this post is about the encounter, it’s also about the Twitter effect on the World. Many scoff at this “silly waste of time” while admitting that they “don’t know anything about it actually”. It’s impact has been felt Worldwide.

From Obama to the so called average joe soap, everyone now has a real opportunity to share their ideas, slowly leveling the playing field for all.

But I’m getting carried away…..

Most who know me, know I have strong (ill) feeling towards Politicians.  This isn’t by accident, but by the years of reading about the countless Governments who repeatedly promise the World to their Citizens and invariably let them down. Badly.

To cut a long story short, today, a Politician not only answered some of my questions (and many others following him) but seemed to do so in a genuine and truthful manner (I did say I was a cynic didn’t I ?).

Senator Dan Boyle, @sendboyle, made some interesting points re: NAMA & the economy, all the while “…multi-tasking. Playing music in the background. “. Impressive :-)

This post isn’t really about those subjects, which have been beaten to death by now, but more about the fact that a Politician would take time out on a Sunday, to listen to people’s ideas / worries and general rantings.

His comments that the property peak may take a lot longer to come around again, was refreshing and I believe more accurate than most people would hope.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure which Party he represented (I had to check his Twitter account). I don’t really care.

I’m interested in people who genuinely listen to others and are willing to take action, without the buzzwords and posturing.

My natural reaction is to be skeptical, but for now I’ll give Sen. Boyle the benefit of the doubt.

I will continue to follow…….