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When being different isn’t really.

My car insurance is up for renewal next month and while I’m happy with my current provider, a new company called Blue Insurance, has been a bit of a talking point recently. I first heard of them when I heard one of their representatives on the radio. They sounded like a forward thinking company that

Can Twitter really help my business (community / hobby / campaign) ?

This morning I posted a photo on Twitter of a lego minifig, attached to my desk’s sideboard using Sugru. It’s something that I saw recently, and  just copied :-D The reason for this post isn’t so much to rave about the 2 products, which i really like, but more to do with the ripple effect that one tweet can have.

Advertising to future generations

My 2.5 year old knows that if she taps enough times on the “skip add” link in a YouTube video, that she’ll get to her video quicker. Similarly, she knows we can skip adverts between pre-recorded Peppa Pig episodes on Sky+.  Again getting to what she wants much quicker. Sure, we all do this.   The