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Can Twitter really help my business (community / hobby / campaign) ?

This morning I posted a photo on Twitter of a lego minifig, attached to my desk’s sideboard using Sugru. It’s something that I saw recently, and  just copied :-D The reason for this post isn’t so much to rave about the 2 products, which i really like, but more to do with the ripple effect that one tweet can have.

Lego series 11 dot codes

Series 11 is out and about and I’ve been collecting the odd minifig :-) Carrying on from my series 10 posts, I’ll be creating posts on the dot codes for each minifigs at regular intervals. To make things even easier, I’ll post links to each individual minifg post below.   The Scarecrow

Lego Series 10 dot codes. Tomahawk warrior.

Lego Series 10 Tomahawk warrior   The lego Series 10 dot codes Tomahawk warrior  is pretty cool. Apart form the expected paintwork, he has 2 nice features. The obvious one is the tomahawk, which is made of hard plastic but the blade part is actually a softer rubber. The other is his mohawk, which is

Lego Series 10 dot codes. Baseball guy

The lego series 10 baseball guy is, well, a baseball guy :-) He has a cap and his mitt and that’s pretty much it.   Together with the motorcycle mechanic, he’s probably one of the mifigs I like the least. The baseball mitt is quite cool but other than that, he’s not super impressive, BUT

Lego series 10 motorcycle mechanic, bump code.

The lego series 10 motorcycle mechanic is pretty much to stereotype :-) From the moustache, red bandana and tattoo, to the jeans, chains and patch, it’s all there. Accessories wise, there’s not much but I can think of a few scenarios where I can re-use the wrench and bandana. It’s one of my least favourite

Lego series 10 Trendsetter bump code

The Trendsetter girl is apparently one of the rarer per box in Series 10, so I was pretty happy to get one with some of the first bags I bought. As you can see, she has 2 accessories, which should make her easier to identify in the blind bags if you use the feel method.

A Bee(autiful) day for photos. Series 10 bee girl photo shoot.

Yesterday was one of those rare days in Ireland where the sun is shining and the wind is merely  a breeze. So while the entire country was out sizzling their sausages and buttering their buns, I thought I’d try a few pics of my new lego series 10 bee girl.   As an added bonus, the Gorse hedges are flowering (my

Lego Mr. Chicken and Butcher man Cartoon.

Lego series 10 dot codes. Bee girl.

I’m not sure if it’s the smile or the bright colours but the bee mini figure is one of my favourites in this series. The wings lend themselves to creating some cool flying photos. Like the paint bucket for the painter, I think a splash of yellow would have given the figure and extra wow factor

Lego Series 10 dot codes. Painter.

The painter guy is one of the Series 10 minifigs with a few accessories. Some blue paint in the bucket would have finished him off nicely but I think the details are till quite cool   I now have 3, so to help you not accumulate too many, the dot codes are below.