Domain names Archive is NOT cool

You’re driving along and you see a nicely branded van. Very clear messaging, lovely graphics and you know exactly what the service is. There’s even a domain name!   And then, there it is, the ever-present abomination that is the  @gmail address.  Instant fail. Why?  Why in the name of all the deities (if you

Domains, vespas and dragons

I’ve mentioned before that I like domains names. A lot. Blacknight’s latest offer includes more of the things I really like. Domains, vespas and cool badges. Oh and dragons! Check out the offer at

The value of offline marketing

While online marketing is all the rage, today’s post brought with it a little surprise, which a) pleased me very much and b) reinforced my thoughts that offline marketing is still VERY important. Today’s gift from Blacknight is the above keyring, promoting .eu domains. While I don’t have that many, I was happy to be

Addicted to domains

Some people do drugs, others gamble. It seems my vice is domains. The formers are both expensive (not to mention unhealthy). Domains? Domains are harmless. Teeny, tiny, innocuous textual pointers. Or so SOME people would lead you to believe. “Don’t forget about our cool .biz offer.” “You really should be registering a .me, EVERYONE is