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When being different isn’t really.

My car insurance is up for renewal next month and while I’m happy with my current provider, a new company called Blue Insurance, has been a bit of a talking point recently. I first heard of them when I heard one of their representatives on the radio. They sounded like a forward thinking company that

Is short still sweet when it come to new gTLDS?

We keep hearing that the problem with .com is that all the “good”, aka short, names are gone. In a marketplace that has limited “stock”, being the holder of such domains is great. But does this apply to the new gTLDS ? Yes, having or golf.clubs in your portfolio would be great but is

Lego series 11 dot codes. The Scarecrow.

The Lego series 11 Scarecrow is already one of my favourites.   I really like the details on his clothes and the crow on the hat is nice touch. The pitch fork is a little on the large size but overall, he’s a pretty cool (and friendly) looking minifig.  

Lego Series 10 dot codes.

The Lego series 10 minifigs are out and naturally I’ve bought a “few”. I’ve been lucky enough to  only have a few duplicates and  I only need the bee and sad clown* to complete the set.   I’m obviously very keen to complete the set and luckily there’s another way to identify the minifigs than

Google Street View photo of the day

What?   Each day, I like to randomly drop the Google street view man somewhere on this planet. So I’m adding what I find to this blog. Why? Because it’s cool to see what’s out there and learn something about a place I will most probably never visit. How? Typically I just drop the man randomly. Sometimes it might be

Identifying lego mini figures the dot code way.

While duplicate mini figures are sometimes something you want, the initial goal in collection a lego series is first and fore mostly, to complete the set. There are a few things you can do to accomplish this. buy a full box pick some random packets from the box OR most typically, people use the “feel” method,

Domains, vespas and dragons

I’ve mentioned before that I like domains names. A lot. Blacknight’s latest offer includes more of the things I really like. Domains, vespas and cool badges. Oh and dragons! Check out the offer at

Spitting mad

What is the fascination with spitting in the streets??? I’ve been living in Ireland for nearly 9 years now and I can’t believe the number of people I see spitting at or on something every day. Is it something in the air? Is it supposed to be cool? Someone please enlighten me. It’s disgusting….

When it all goes wrong

I recently received a plea for help from someone who is currently locked out of their hosting account and their site is down. So, following on from a  post by James Larkin, I thought I would add my thoughts to his questions about WHY people should go down the route of engaging a professional developer

BaNAMA Republic ?

It seems today is NAMA day for me.  Earlier today I was drawn to an interesting discussion with Sen. Dan Boyle on Twitter and later on read David McWilliams’s article in the Sunday Business Post about the same subject. It seems that while the Irish Government has a tough job on it’s hands to “sort