Business Archive is NOT cool

You’re driving along and you see a nicely branded van. Very clear messaging, lovely graphics and you know exactly what the service is. There’s even a domain name!   And then, there it is, the ever-present abomination that is the  @gmail address.  Instant fail. Why?  Why in the name of all the deities (if you

What’s your value?

I’m not fond of the term Human Resources. To me it implies that employees are there to be used up like oil,  coal or another natural resource of your liking. And to be discarded if needs be.   But I do believe we all have a value. It is based on many factors of course. Education,

When the s*** hits the fan.

It will, you know. At some stage, whether in life or work, the sh*** WILL hit the fan. When something affects your clients, you can either panic and run away (aka ignore it), or take a deep breath and take control. By take control, I don’t mean try and brush  the dirt under the carpet.