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Automating Invoicing the FreeAgent way

While creating and sending invoices is for obvious reasons an  important part of running a business, automating the process as much as possible can certainly help to free up time for more important aspects of your daily schedule. When I look for a new way to automate a process, I like to stick to  a

Funding for startups – what’s the obsession?

Over the the last few days there has been a lot of spotlight on the tech sector. Sorry, Minister Ryan, I meant knowledge economy. The Dublin Web Summit took place over the weekend and some of the World’s biggest names came to town. People like Jack Dorsey (Twitter), Chad Hurley (YouTube) and many more. Naturally

When it all goes wrong

I recently received a plea for help from someone who is currently locked out of their hosting account and their site is down. So, following on from a  post by James Larkin, I thought I would add my thoughts to his questions about WHY people should go down the route of engaging a professional developer

iPad fun

Hello World from iPad WP app….

Apple OS 4

In about 1hr, Apple will be uncovering  OS 4. It’s taken quite a few people by surprise, coming so soon after the iPad launch and while there’s isn’t as much hype as for the iPad, I wonder if this isn’t just part of the plan. Relatively “low key” and (hopefully) presenting something that will, to

In Vino Veritas – Fiat panis

A nice new food and wine website,, has been launched recently. If you’re into that sort of thing, why not check it out and share ?

Tonight’s music….

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Addicted to domains

Some people do drugs, others gamble. It seems my vice is domains. The formers are both expensive (not to mention unhealthy). Domains? Domains are harmless. Teeny, tiny, innocuous textual pointers. Or so SOME people would lead you to believe. “Don’t forget about our cool .biz offer.” “You really should be registering a .me, EVERYONE is

BaNAMA Republic ?

It seems today is NAMA day for me.  Earlier today I was drawn to an interesting discussion with Sen. Dan Boyle on Twitter and later on read David McWilliams’s article in the Sunday Business Post about the same subject. It seems that while the Irish Government has a tough job on it’s hands to “sort

Changing face of Politics?

I was wrong……………… —————————————————————————————- Today I have my very first meaningful “discussion” with a Politician. While this post is about the encounter, it’s also about the Twitter effect on the World. Many scoff at this “silly waste of time” while admitting that they “don’t know anything about it actually”. It’s impact has been felt Worldwide.