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276 visits it one day! Have I “made it” ?

No My blog is not that popular :-) My first thoughts when I see a big spike in visits are that someone is trying something dodgy. While I would have loved it to be “real” users, it seems these 276 visits were from a company called Palo Alto Networks. Why they’re crawling my site is a mystery.   Have you seen

Securing your WordPress website further

WordPress (the downloadable version) has become ubiquitous these days. It has morphed from purely a blogging platform, to being used as CMS, online shop etc. There are  10s of thousands of plugins, which allow you to quickly add features to your website, that would usually take hours / days / months. All of this though comes

What’s your value?

I’m not fond of the term Human Resources. To me it implies that employees are there to be used up like oil,  coal or another natural resource of your liking. And to be discarded if needs be.   But I do believe we all have a value. It is based on many factors of course. Education,

When the s*** hits the fan.

It will, you know. At some stage, whether in life or work, the sh*** WILL hit the fan. When something affects your clients, you can either panic and run away (aka ignore it), or take a deep breath and take control. By take control, I don’t mean try and brush  the dirt under the carpet.

Domains, vespas and dragons

I’ve mentioned before that I like domains names. A lot. Blacknight’s latest offer includes more of the things I really like. Domains, vespas and cool badges. Oh and dragons! Check out the offer at

Customer service – Is it that hard ??

The other day I clicked into a blog post on Customer Service by @patphelan I don’t know the man personally but I do follow him on Twitter because of the company he started and my natural interest the type of people who start their own companies. ANYWAY… His post had to with the lack of

Hope you are having fun.

You’d think they were innocent enough words. Used in a holiday or hobby context perhaps. No, those 5 words, written in an email by a former work colleague of mine, have finally ignited the spark to start a new project which I have been thinking about for the last few years. Yes, you heard me

Indoor Trainer Hell

Winter has arrived in all its glory and last Friday, I’m pretty sure I heard the collective wail of every cyclist in Ireland. “Why?”, you may ask. Well, in the words of those cuddly little Meerkats;  “Simples”. The change in weather means that most racing cyclists will have to start using their indoor trainers. For

The value of offline marketing

While online marketing is all the rage, today’s post brought with it a little surprise, which a) pleased me very much and b) reinforced my thoughts that offline marketing is still VERY important. Today’s gift from Blacknight is the above keyring, promoting .eu domains. While I don’t have that many, I was happy to be

Spitting mad

What is the fascination with spitting in the streets??? I’ve been living in Ireland for nearly 9 years now and I can’t believe the number of people I see spitting at or on something every day. Is it something in the air? Is it supposed to be cool? Someone please enlighten me. It’s disgusting….