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Lego series 10 Trendsetter bump code

The Trendsetter girl is apparently one of the rarer per box in Series 10, so I was pretty happy to get one with some of the first bags I bought. As you can see, she has 2 accessories, which should make her easier to identify in the blind bags if you use the feel method.

A Bee(autiful) day for photos. Series 10 bee girl photo shoot.

Yesterday was one of those rare days in Ireland where the sun is shining and the wind is merely  a breeze. So while the entire country was out sizzling their sausages and buttering their buns, I thought I’d try a few pics of my new lego series 10 bee girl.   As an added bonus, the Gorse hedges are flowering (my

Lego Mr. Chicken and Butcher man Cartoon.

Lego series 10 dot codes. Bee girl.

I’m not sure if it’s the smile or the bright colours but the bee mini figure is one of my favourites in this series. The wings lend themselves to creating some cool flying photos. Like the paint bucket for the painter, I think a splash of yellow would have given the figure and extra wow factor

Lego Series 10 dot codes. Painter.

The painter guy is one of the Series 10 minifigs with a few accessories. Some blue paint in the bucket would have finished him off nicely but I think the details are till quite cool   I now have 3, so to help you not accumulate too many, the dot codes are below.

Lego Series 10 dot codes.

The Lego series 10 minifigs are out and naturally I’ve bought a “few”. I’ve been lucky enough to  only have a few duplicates and  I only need the bee and sad clown* to complete the set.   I’m obviously very keen to complete the set and luckily there’s another way to identify the minifigs than

Rugby World Cup 2015

The draw for the 2015 word cup is out. The RWC  will be held  in the Northern Hemisphere in 2 years time. This could possibly point to a NH winner, which would even up the odd a little more (England won in 2003), compared to the SH (2 x South Africa, 2 x Australia, 2

Google Street View photo of the day

What?   Each day, I like to randomly drop the Google street view man somewhere on this planet. So I’m adding what I find to this blog. Why? Because it’s cool to see what’s out there and learn something about a place I will most probably never visit. How? Typically I just drop the man randomly. Sometimes it might be

Advertising to future generations

My 2.5 year old knows that if she taps enough times on the “skip add” link in a YouTube video, that she’ll get to her video quicker. Similarly, she knows we can skip adverts between pre-recorded Peppa Pig episodes on Sky+.  Again getting to what she wants much quicker. Sure, we all do this.   The

Identifying lego mini figures the dot code way.

While duplicate mini figures are sometimes something you want, the initial goal in collection a lego series is first and fore mostly, to complete the set. There are a few things you can do to accomplish this. buy a full box pick some random packets from the box OR most typically, people use the “feel” method,