Addicted to domains

Some people do drugs, others gamble. It seems my vice is domains.

The formers are both expensive (not to mention unhealthy).


Domains are harmless. Teeny, tiny, innocuous textual pointers. Or so SOME people would lead you to believe.

“Don’t forget about our cool .biz offer.”

“You really should be registering a .me, EVERYONE is doing it!”

” How else will people find you ?”

That is how they go me this time…. a .me

I seem to be collecting them more frequently and in larger numbers. Why? I see something on the net and I think; “that could work here”, and duly forget to implement it. Sometimes I just like the sound of the domain.

So, while I tend to “blame” Blacknight for their Twitter / Facebook campaigns, in the end it’s all up to .me

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