I’m originally from South Africa, spent part of my life in Italy and now, I live in Ireland.

I have 20+ years “online” experience. Here’s my CV :-)

I started building PCs in the 90s. Then moved on to to web dev and ran my own business for 10 years.

I became more deeply involved in one of the most dynamic sectors. Domains and hosting, with a great company called Blacknight, Ireland’s largest hosting company, before taking a dive into the world of logistics.

I understand the online space incredibly well. From start to finish.

I’ve been very lucky to be involved in every part of the online ecosystem and understand the needs of both the consumer and the service provider.

When I’m off duty, I like to dabble in domains (it’s an “illness”), reading and enjoy my lovely family.

I like taking photos (not very well) and playing, ehm learning by playing, with Lego.

I’m also an avid cyclist. I had to stop for 5 years but now, I’m back in the saddle and working towards my 2019 goal. To ride the Hotchillee Cape Rouleur. A 5 day cycling event in South Africa.

Hopefully by this time next year, you’ll be seeing a new me on Instagram and my cycling themed website. I have much weight to lose and much fitness to gain but the dream is slowly becoming reality

You can contact me here