A Bee(autiful) day for photos. Series 10 bee girl photo shoot.

Bee girl series 10 legoYesterday was one of those rare days in Ireland where the sun is shining and the wind is merely  a breeze.

So while the entire country was out sizzling their sausages and buttering their buns, I thought I’d try a few pics of my new lego series 10 bee girl.


As an added bonus, the Gorse hedges are flowering (my favourite) and they have these amazing yellow flowers which work so well with the yellow and black of the bee.

I wanted to create a few “flying” photos but I think the ones I took are a good start.


They were just testers as I took them with my phone, rather than with my camera but I’m quite happy with them.

The colours really stand out and the mini figure’s happy face really helps to create that summer feel.

Beegirlthree Bee girl series 10

Bee girl series 10 Bee girl series 10

What do you think ?  if you have any tips/ advice please let me know :-)




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